Your best friend calls you and tells you he/she's really sick? How do you show you care? Memories of September 11, 2001… Chartier at Toqué! Restaurant<br/> <br/> On September 11, 2001, as one of the activities of the François Chartier Wine Club of Montreal, we were holding a tasting dinner at the famous Toqué! Restaurant. Our menu was based on wines from the Robert Mondavi Winery of California (see menu below).<br/> <br/> Representatives of this prestigious American winery were also to be in attendance. As Chef Normand Laprise was a partner in a New York restaurant at the time, the theme of the evening was the United States of America.<br/> <br/> Needless to say, the dreadful events that occurred on the morning of “9/11” greatly altered the day’s agenda...<br/> <br/> Completely in shock and already in “post-traumatic” mode, Carole and I were at a loss as to what to think or do. That afternoon, without having regained our wits, we made several calls to the hundred members of our club who had reserved for the “back-to-school” event. Each of them, without exception, insisted on being present…a sort of seal on this infamous day. The tasting dinner was held in a rather strange and indescribable atmosphere. All, without exception, were in shock, fixed smiles upon our faces...<br/> <br/> Our guests from the Robert Mondavi house were all nervously waiting to hear from missing colleagues at their New York office, which is located a few steps away from the sombre Ground Zero…<br/> <br/> Norman and Christine of Toqué! were also anxiously hoping for calls from friends at their New York adventure. Fortunately, these calls proved to be positive. Calls trickled in throughout the evening, confirming that Mondavi’s team members were found safe and sound, as were friends of Toqué!.<br/> <br/> Wine and gastronomy became a kind of &quot;Victory&quot;, however small, on the evening of September 11, 2001, which is now and forever engraved in our bodies and in our souls.<br/> <br/> François Chartier<br/> <p class="asset asset-link"> <a href="http://www.tastebudsandmolecules.com">www.tastebudsandmolecules.com</a> </p> MENU<br/> The François Chartier Wine Club of Montreal<br/> Best sommelier in the world in French wines and spirits<br/> (Grand Prix Sopexa International, Paris,1994)<br/> Best world sommelier in French wines & spirits<br/> <br/> The “Back-to-School” event<br/> “Wines from the Robert Mondavi Winery at Toqué! Restaurant”<br/> <br/> Tuesday, September 11, 2001<br/> <br/> All dishes are original and were conceived<br/> by François Chartier and Normand Laprise, Chef and co-owner of Toqué! Restaurant.<br/> Dishes were created based on the aromas and physical structure<br/> of the wines from the Robert Mondavi Winery.<br/> <br/> Wines and dishes<br/> <br/> Sauvignon Blanc 1997 Stag Leap District, Robert Mondavi Winery<br/> Pinot Grigio 2000 California, La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi<br/> <br/> Îles-de-la-Madeleine Princess scallops, one marinated in the juice of late harvest strawberry, lemon yuzu and sea parsley oil, the other served with grapefruit, green apple and cilantro<br/> <br/> ***<br/> <br/> Chardonnay 1999 Santa Maria Valley, Byron Estate<br/> Chardonnay Reserve 1997 Napa Valley, Robert Mondavi Winery<br/> <br/> Lightly seized kampachi with Guinea pepper, cold milk d’Antan with cod, salad of purslane, sea asparagus and garlic croutons, emulsion of sorrels<br/> <br/> ******<br/> <br/> Pinot Noir 1997 Carneros District, Robert Mondavi Winery<br/> Pinot Noir 1999 Santa Maria Valley, Byron Estate<br/> <br/> Roasted cipollini stuffed with lamb’s neck from the salt meadows of l’Île-Verte and braising juices, confit of Sungold tomatoes with thyme and dog rose puree, roasted parsley root<br/> <br/> ***<br/> <br/> Barbera 1998 California, La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi<br/> Sangiovese 1999 California, La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi<br/> <br/> Roasted guinea fowl from Cap-Saint-Ignace and fresh coco beans braised with matsutake, stewed red peppers and eggplant pulp with curry<br/> ***<br/> <br/> Cabernet Sauvignon 1998 Stag Leap District, Robert Mondavi Winery<br/> Cabernet Sauvignon 1998 Oakville District, Robert Mondavi Winery<br/> <br/> Rack of Boileau deer grilled and flavoured with juniper berries, reduction of wild blueberry juice from Abitibi, medley of roasted beets and Mr. Daignault’s organic spinach, mousseline of fingerling potatoes<br/> <br/> ***<br/> <br/> Interlude: Opus One 1996 Napa Valley, Mondavi-Rothschild<br/> <br/> ***<br/> <br/> Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 1998 Napa Valley, Robert Mondavi Winery<br/> Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 1994 Napa Valley, Robert Mondavi Winery<br/> <br/> Champ Doré cheese from Nouveau-Brunswick and pommes frites, warm Sieur d&#39;Arthabaska cheese and caramel of homemade cassis vinegar, slightly wilted sea orach and grated nutmeg<br/> <br/> ***<br/> <br/> Gran Couva chocolate crème brulée infused with caramelised wild ginger with sea salt<br/> <br/> We would like to thank Christine Lamarche and Normand Laprise,<br/> co-owners of Toqué! Restaurant,<br/> for their generous collaboration,<br/> as well as John Bambara of the Robert Mondavi Winery.<br/>



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